Seamless integrations with multiple platforms

Our software can integrate with various platforms depending on your business needs, ensuring smooth business operations.

Website Integration

Whether you need to engage with customers, automate processes or easily automate payments through engagements, you can easily do so with our API which can be integrated as a chat box on your website.

App Integration

Our software can be integrated with your app to help in automating any needed business processes. Processes like feedback, assistance, ordering, payments etc can be automated using our API.

Social Media Apps

If you need to engage your customers on social media automatically. We can set up our software on any social media app/pages according to your need. Whether you need to send out marketing messages, get feedback, process and payments or any other business process needed, our software can integrate seemlessly.

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Disadvantages of current current brand/consumer connections

Our platform aims to replace outdated systems that are costly and inefficient

  • USSD

    USSD charges can become costly to operate

  • Website

    It is difficult to find a resourceful website

  • E-mail

    Email have delays in relaying information to clients

  • Human Resource

    Hiring staff can make it a costly operation

Advantages of our engagement platform

By forgoing the outdated engagement and payment options, we are able to reduce costs and increase sales and conversions.

  • Easy integrations

    Our platform integrates with your app, website or other social media pages removing the need to download any other application. This increases user adoption by 60%.

  • Easy access

    Ability to access several services without visiting physical offices.

  • Easy to track history

    Ability to keep transaction history without relying on SMS and requesting for them when needed.

  • Richer payment options

    Richer payment options: Suggestions (Recommendations) hence increasing sales and convenient for use.

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